BJERG, Aalborg

BJERG Architectural's department in Aalborg was was established in 2005 as part of the acquisition of an architectural company at the waterfront in Fjordgade.

However, the frameworks in Fjordgade quickly became too narrow, as was the site, among other things, as a result of the development and renovation of the Aalborg Waterfront, which was found to be unavailable, and today the Aalborg department, which also houses Danish Passivhouse Center, continued to Møllegade in central Aalborg, where the department resides in the so called Syndicate together with a number of other creative companies.

BJERG Architecture Aalborg, has in close collaboration with our department in Hjørring, been the primary engine for the development of sustainable housing renovation and school renovation, as well as new construction of villas, care centers and child day care centers in the municipality of Aalborg, as well as the department has been front runners in developing a distinctive and prestigious construction on the new waterfront in Aalborg.