BJERG, hjørring

A Tarzan sculpture, made by the artist Bjørn Nørgaard, which decorates the building where BJERG should open its first drawing office in Hjørring is a coarsely crafted fabled creature created as the house patron saint. Tarzan became the first step in a collaboration on the company's first major task with the new design of P. Nørkjærs Plads in Hjørring Midtby. As the protector of nature and the house patron saint, Tarzan rises from the rooftop in the heart of Hjørring city center, as one of Bjørn Nørgaard's great works. Nørkjærs Plads in Hjørring Midtby, which was one of the first Danish artistic inspired urban design projects, attracted significant Danish and international attention, and was the start of a close collaboration with Hjørring Municipality, where Bjerg Architecture has since been in the process of developing a range of sustainable and award winning public and private housing.

At the same time, the BJERG built a position as a pioneer and spearhead in developing and spreading Danish passive houses and concepts for passive housing renovation, and the department still remains one of the architectural firms' key pivotal points in the development of sustainable architecture for both public and private builders, and the department is largely the center of study tours that focus on sustainability and passive houses through presentations of both private villas, school buildings, elderly centers and residential buildings that the department has developed. BJERG Architecture's drawing room is still located in the villa where it all started, and today is Hjørring's largest drawing room.