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ialt 1.064 m²

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The architectural design process of Prinsdalsbråten day care center for children is anchored in absolute architectural quality adapted to the scenic surroundings of the landscape. day care center is on two floors, with a partial basement, to free the largest possible area for outdoor play and stay for the children. The building houses a total of 108 children, distributed over 6 bases.

The outer surface of the wooden facade variates in three different densities, which helps to separate the children’s bases from common functions and zones for the staff. The distance between the wooden lamellas makes the children’s main house appear more clearly and the adjacent facades draw visually the background. In addition, the lamella frames alternate as you move along the facade, from different distances and angles, which makes the building appear dynamic and vibrant.

To make it easy for the children to recognize which entrance they belong to, the wall colors behind the lamellas variates. The facade thus appears simple, robust and aesthetic, and at the same time it allows a differentiated expression.

In addition, the division of facades between the children’s main house and the surrounding area helps to break down the building into children’s scale and create recognisability by marking the inner spaces in the outside so that the children can easily orient themselves. The use of materials is adapted to the function of the building as a day care center and is chosen based on a mission to reduce climate emissions, create an optimal indoor climate and to demand different interplays with surfaces that appeal to the children in the form of colors and structures.

The day care center is ‘Pluss house’ standard.