Rakow Energy screening




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Energy analyzes of three public buildings with the aim of renovating them to passive housing standards:

Primary school, high school and town hall.

Three existing public buildings required an in-depth energy renovation and were thoroughly analyzed. The in-depth energy analysis of the buildings in the PHPP Eco program has shown that there is a great potential for energy saving in these buildings (between 70 and 90%!) Furthermore, the building’s adaptation to passive house standards will significantly increase the comfort for the users, such as the thermal and acoustic comfort. It has been proven that the healthy indoor climate in passive houses has a positive effect on people’s ability to learn and work. Ventilation’s system for impurities from the outside minimizes allergens in children and adolescents.

After analyzing different choices and possibilities for revitalizing the three buildings: Preschool  in Szumsko, Raków High School and Raków office building, based on their current status, location (sun and shadow), their technical options for changing heating, ventilation and minimization of heat loss through the application for the proposed solutions (including the elimination of cold bridges, insulation) and the maximum sealing of the building, the conclusion was that the thermal modernization of the building is most effective when selecting the ‘Passivehouse classic’ scenario. The scenario is visualized in a 3D model that shows significant improvements to the building’s energy consumption, and reduction of long-term costs assumed for a 30-year scale. Furthermore, the interior comfort (air quality, acoustics) is improved through better control of the thermal conditions, humidity and CO2 levels. Thermal modernization improves school aesthetics. By changing the source of heating from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources (including wood pellets and supplementary solar cells and solar heaters), it will not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also the ability to learn which will improve the level of education.