Teglverkstomta Child Daycare Center




Architectural Advisory, Energy advisory & Energy design


ca. 40 mill. dkr.


ialt. 1.800 m²

Form of enterprise





Omsorgsbygg, Oslo Kommune


GAS Georg Andresen & Sønner AS, IN'BY landskapsarkitekter, NP Consult, SWECO, COWI, Hjellnes Consult, Multiconsult


The passive house daycare center function as an integrated daycare facility with space for 144 children in the age group 0-6 years. The day care center is organized in its main focus to create security, clarity and flexibility that allow multiple activities at the same time as well as flexibility for changeability and development as needed. Flexibility is also emphasized in the form of folding walls, that enables the users to create more rooms as well as merged rooms into different combinations depending on activities.

Teglverkstomta is divided into three main zones: Zone 1 to the north is for the staff which includes technology zone, 1 function zone with restrooms, staircases and wardrobes. The 2 zones are surrounded by a ‘floating’ zone with joint facilities and areas requiring activity and play in the form of climbing walls, areas of activity and distribution areas in the form of niches to create calm areas and areas for immersion.

To the south, the children’s main room is located to get an optimized solar contribution to the common rooms, where the children can sit and play at the windows with a view to the playground and green areas without any draught or colds. Between the common rooms, different theme rooms are placed with space for thorough and gross motorization that requires activity and play.
Throughout the design there is a focus on creating a cohesion between the entire building’s facilities, both in the form of colors and materials that make it exciting and safe to move around in the building. For the outdoor areas of Teglverkstomta, LAR has been incorporated (local rainwater drainage). The outer areas will consist of, different play areas – organized and divided into large and small areas to make space for both big and smaller children, which require diverse types of activities. For instance, rocking rails, climbing towers, sandboxes, cycle routes, climbing trees, playground areas with rubber mats, bonfire and green areas with natural lawn mats etc.

The daycare center is BREEAM certified in the class ”very good” and is also a plus house with integrated solar cells on the roof.