Słupski Chłopczyk


2016, 2017, W budowie


Arkitektrådgivning, Arkitektur, Optymalizacja Energetyczna, Projekt koncepcyjny, Projektering




The design of the kindergarten of Słupski Chłopczyk is an idea to completely change the existing, outdated building of the nineties, initially designed in the form of four “towers” covered with complicated roofs. The concept was focused on far-reaching functional, technical and aesthetic changes. It was proposed to remove the roofs and simplify the shapes, creating a new character for each corner. At the same time impressive two-storey interiors, greenhouse on the roof and a small, open playground were achieved.

Formal changes have contributed to great improvement in the building’s thermal quality. The planned recomnstruction was supposed to significantly raise the quality of the building’s insulation while maintaining high standards of fire protection. New solar panels, windows and doors were also designed.

In addition to technical achievements, the building itself has been used to support educational values and ecological awareness – a greenhouse placed on the roof was intended to familiarize children with the principles of healthy eating and meant to build relationship with nature, underlaying the basis of broadly understood ecological education.

The project was awarded a second prize in the 5th edition of the “Zmień wizję w projekt” (Vision into Project) competition in the ”Architects” category.