Lublin Child Daycare Center



Arkitektur, Energirådgivning & Energidesign, Energiscreening




Kindergarten in Lublin is a concept of transformation for an existing edifice into a passive building. It was based on extensive architectural analysis, and comprehensive solution proposals. The existing building did not meet the requirements of modern ecological and functional standards. Bjerg’s designers have conducted in-depth analysis of energy cycle, thermal bridges and solar lighting simulation, to provide the best possible solution for transforming the building into a passive object.

Detailed materials were prepared for the client by a certified passive house designer, and upon them a strategy for further executive design was drawn.

Bjerg Arkitektur is not limited to technical aspects, so the project included a set of architectural solutions that were developed in synergy with energy optimization. These solutions included perforated ventilation panels at the windows or large comfortable wooden windowsills.