MPWiK bygning i Lublin




The concept of refurbishing the MPWiK building in Lublin for use of customer service is an example of an integrated design process. In order to improve the existing facility, a comprehensive analysis of function, technology and energy cycle, along with considerations on aesthetics were prepaired. Out of such an overall view, a concept that greatly enhances the quality of existing development has emerged.

The small one-storey pavilion has gained a new functional layout with an open-space, which has raised the quality of natural interior lighting and improved customer service. It also gained an elegant, illuminated facade made of wood and fibercement panels, establishing a new image of the organization. At the same time it was designed to control sunlight in a way in which shading the southern façade in summer, and exposure in winter were achieved.

All the proposed transformations were supplemented by a professional thermal simulation, according to passive design standards. Comparable scenarios of refurbishment were presented. The client received complete information about how the building works in low-energy or passive standard, along with concept drawings and project visualizations.