The project of smart residential development in Radom is an example of a sustainable complex, based on economical land use and functional design. Six single-family houses of approx. 100 and 120m² create a compact, terraced layout that takes into account well-designed open spaces with small architecture and greenery. The natural slope of the terrain allowed for picturesque, small gardens, separated by low walls, forming together an intimate arrangement adapted to a human scale.

The houses have an ability to incorporate a smart system control for elements such as stoves or blinds, and a set of sensors to increase the safety of use. The project assumes the use of a flexible system in which residents themselves choose smart solution, buing a house.

The architecture of the houses is inspired by a friendly development of small towns, their slow pace of life and close social bonds. The design involves elegant formal divisions of the facades, inviting entrance zones, well-lit living rooms, and  strong link to the terraces, exposed to warm southern sun.